Tactics in the Chess Opening 4 Tactics in the Chess Opening 4
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Part 4 of the successful series introducing opening tactics for casual chess players and club players. It teaches how to recognize opportunities to attack early in the game, and how to avoid standard pitfalls in the opening. This book explains in more than 230 carefully selected and annotated games, all the tactical themes and typical traps of all the main lines in the - Queen’s Gambits - Slav - Tarrasch - Trompowsky - Torre and Colle. After studying these brilliant surprise attacks, or just enjoying them, the adventurous player will win more games. Friso Nijboer is a strong Grandmaster from Holland and has won many national and international tournaments. Geert van der Stricht is an International Master from Belgium and a former national champion. Praise for the Series Tactics in the Chess Opening: Jeremy Silman, author of 'How to Reassess Your Chess': “Lots of opening ideas that can be assimilated by everyone.” Thomas Behrens at Schach-Ticker (Germany): “Very suitable as a training book for youngsters. Kids will be thrilled with the fine tactics and will, while going at it, automatically absorb some of the strategic backgrounds.” Australian Chess Magazine: “An excellent way to study.” IM John Watson, The Week In Chess: “A high quality product that is particularly appropriate to give the average club and tournament player an overall grasp on the dangers and opportunities available in a given opening.” Rick Kennedy, ChessVille: “A very enjoyable book that will teach as well as entertain. The games tend to be sprightly educational miniatures.” Schaakmagazine (Netherlands): “Many of the games can be studied without a chess board and pieces.” British Federation for Correspondence Chess: “An excellent primer or book to stimulate ideas.” Paul Motwani in The Scotsman: “All players who wish to hone their chess skills would do well to invest in a copy of Tactics in the Chess Opening 2, an excellent New In Chess book. (…) What an irresistible feat of attacking play.” IM John Donaldson: “The annotations are to the point, detailed but not so much as to lose the reader. This book should be a pleasurable way for those below 2200 to master the fundamentals of tactical play in semi-open games.”
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